With an array of visual art exhibitions, PRESS HERE seeks to challenge how we see madness, who defines it, and how it is represented culturally. 


Madness and Mysticism: A Diasporan Perspective

Isabelle Rizo

Isabelle’s first exhibition with PRESS HERE will be a series of watercolor works which examine meaning making through representations of madness and mysticism. As a Romanian political refugee, Isabelle explores connections to her culture and what it means “to navigate being American in Romania and Romanian in America?” As a self proclaimed witch, Isabelle also empowers her artwork and identity with a spirituality which she sees tied to madness. This artistic exploration provides us all with a moment to see ourselves, our own mental health, and our spirituality as intrinsically connected – asking us to make active assessments which connect us to a greater community.


The following exhibitions will be on view at PRESS HERE during the listed dates. Information for each exhibition will be updated as more details become available. 

Not Art Therapy

Sandie Yi, Katie O'neill, and Matt Bodett will host a collaborative exhibition which asks us to consider the ways we see and discuss disability artwork most frequently as therapeutic instead of culturally important and viable. 

Opening October 13th 2023 - 5-9pm

Special events will be announced when the details are made available.

Justin Cooper

Justin Cooper will be sharing a series of photographs during the months of January and February of 2024. More details coming. 


Opening reception January 12th 2024 - 5-9pm

Artist's talk February 9th 2024 - 5-9pm

Kal Lee

Kal will be exhibiting recent work which ranges from sculptural objects to installation. 


Opening reception March 8th 2024 - 5-9pm


JJ McLuckie

JJ's exhibition "Tunnels" was the inaugural exhibition at PRESS HERE and consisted of paintings by the artist as well as a unique mural painted in the exhibition space. JJ's artwork explores many topics, some of which include queer identity, eroticism, and madness.

See more of JJ's work at their website

October and November 2022

Hel Martinez

Hel offered a performance art event titled "The Passion of Sergius and Bacchus" which they described as a "performance based on the tale of two Christian martyred saints from the 4th century. It is a call to reclaim the queerness erased from Catholicism and a reminder that its roots lie in the strength of th oppressed." 

November 11, 2022

Clarisse Casalino 

"Pill Bottles Make Terrible Roller Skates" was a series of collages by he artist which explored pharmacology, feminism, and madness. 

February and March 2023

Interested in exhibiting at PRESS HERE?

Please make note of the following items before reaching out regarding an exhibition proposal:

Our Mission

PRESS HERE: Center for Mad Culture's mission is to elevate the voices of mad and disabled folx. We make it a priority to exhibit works by people who identify with those categories though the work does not necessarily need to be about that. Please be clear in your proposal about your relationship to madness or disability and how you see it informing your practice, this does not mean you need to share diagnostic information. 

Work Samples

We do not accept images in the emails, as this clogs up our email storage, so please be sure to provide a link to your website or social media. We are looking for samples which can share with us the level at which you are exploring your own ideas, showing consistency in exploration, seriousness in investigations, and depth of content. 


Please be kind in understanding that PRESS HERE is volunteer operated and cannot respond directly to every email. Simply submitting an inquiry does not guarantee an exhibition opportunity. Please note that we will reach out to you as we are able to. 


Please keep all email correspondence professional and courteous. We do not mind misspelled words or grammatical mistakes, but please be sure to remain professional in your correspondence. 

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Be sure to include the following:

  • Exhibition Narrative - what is your idea and how are you exploring it in your creative work
  • Link to work samples - should showcase at leas ten works
  • Mad/disability statement - how do you fit within the context of these identities

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