As with all PRESS HERE workshops, we do not want cost to be a barrier to being a part of this community. There is a pay what you can option for all workshops and full scholarships are available.


You Are Here

This workshop offers tools to help mad folx navigate times of crises. Focusing on personal advocacy, we believe that empowering those who experience madness allows them autonomy and choice within their medical decisions.


Radical Poetry as Disability Advocacy

Poetry remains a realm dominated by linguistic experimentation, but too seldom is the disabled voice allowed to act naturally in this context. By exploring the works of experimental poets, this workshop will offer participants an opportunity to explore personal experience as a site for radical poetic expression.



Mad History

Navigate the realms of madness as we have recorded them through history. This discussion will not only rely on historical accounts of madness, but will explore ways that madness has been subjected to the whims of "reason" and thereby dismissed from major cultural input.



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